Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rooms I love.

Came across these when I was searching for some more design inspiration. Hope you like them.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall fashion pieces per "Harper's Bazaar."

Above are the must have peices for fall according to "Harper's Bazaar." I was not able to find good pictures of some things. The neon vest was totally impossible so I think you'll need to make one if you want to wear it and the search for a micromini was leading me to adult entertanment sites. The jewelry was the easiest to find. The jackets are from an article in Elle, the shorts are Marc Jacobs, the cropped pant and paper bag jeans were niether impressive enough for me to care where they are from, both the cuff bracelets are Anthropologie , the first necklace is Forever 21 and the other two are Anthropologie the boots are all Steve Madden

· A strong-shouldered blazer
· A sequined dress, jacket, or tee
· Tailored evening shorts
· A micromini
· Cropped, baggy pants
· Paper-bag jeans
· A neon vest
· Doubled-up cuffs
· An over-the-top bib necklace
· Tough-chic booties

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gustav Klimt

My favorite artist is Gustav Klimt. I love his paintings because they are beautiful, a lot of them are touching and they work aesthetically with a variety if styles. I only have one Klimt print but, hope to get a few more. These are some of my favorites. I found the images on They have a variety of sizes and quality of prints.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lamp finials

I found some nice finials when searching for lamp shades. They are from the website mentioned in my post yesterday. Again they have a lot of ugly finials mixed in with the pretty ones. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lamp shades

I have been searching for some fun lamp shades and have been having no luck @ my local stores. I started looking for some online and came across a great site:
They have a good number of really horrendous shades mixed with some darling ones. Their prices were great and if you don't mind weeding through some ugly, there are some great finds. I am planning on ordering from them in the next week and will write a review on the product when it arrives. Here are some of the shades I liked.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Roman Shades

How to make a roman shade


Things You'll Need:
· Fabric pen
· Roman shade tube tape
· Plastic dowel rods
· Curtain cord
· Pine mounting board
· Cord pulleys
· Cord lock
· Thumb tacks
· Utility knife
· Screws
· Electric drill
· Cord drop
Making the Roman Shade
1. Step 1
Measure the width and the height of the window. Measure the width of the window at different locations and use the measurement that is the smallest.
2. Step 2
Purchase enough fabric and lining to cover your window. Add 1 3/4 inches to the width of your window and 4 3/4 inches to the length. Cut your purchased fabric to these dimensions.
3. Step 3
Lay your roman shade face down and center the lining on the fabric. The fabric should be a 1/2 inch wider than the lining on both sides.
4. Step 4
Place the right sides of your fabric and lining together, stitch the right and left side raw edges together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance and press both of the seams open.

5. Step 5
Stitch the top edge of the roman shade together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, and press the seam open.
6. Step 6
Turn the fabric right side out. Turn up the bottom edge of the fabric 1/2 inch and hem in place.
7. Step 7
Hem another seam at the bottom of the roman shade by turning up the bottom edge 2 inches and hemming along the previous seam.

Installing the Hardware, Lifting Mechanism and Mounting the Roman Shade
8. Step 1
Mark horizontal lines with a fabric pen at equal intervals, 8 to 9 inches apart, on the back of your roman shade. The top interval needs to be 1 3/4 inches larger than the others, and the bottom interval will be slightly smaller than the middle ones.
9. Step 2
Pin lengths of roman shade tube tape on each line, aligning the loop portion of the tape on the line and the channel portion towards the bottom of the roman shade. Sew the tape in place along the loop portion of the tape, being careful not to sew over any of the loops.
10. Step 3
Thread three lengths of curtain cord through the loop tape at the center of the roman shade and down the length of the roman shade 1 1/2 inches in from each side. Tie the curtain cords in a knot around the bottom loop to secure the cord.

11. Step 4
Insert plastic dowel rods cut 1/2 an inch shorter than the widths of the roman shade at each interval through the tube tape and one dowel rod through the 2-inch hem you stitched at the bottom of the roman shade. Fold the edges of the tube tape and stitch them closed; also stitch both sides of the bottom hem closed.
12. Step 5
Cut the pine mounting board 1/4 inch shorter than the width of the top of your roman shade.
13. Step 6
Attach a cord pulley on one side of the mounting board 1 1/2 inches in from the edge, and attach another cord pulley in the center of the mounting board. On the other side of the board, 1 1/2 inches in from the edge, attach a cord lock.
14. Step 7
Tack the roman shade to the back of the mounting board with thumb tacks spaced 3 inches apart, across the length of the board.
15. Step 8
String the cords attached to your roman shade up through the pulleys, and string all cords through the cord lock.
16. Step 9
Cut three small holes in the fabric with a utility knife where you want to screw the mounting board in place, and screw the mounting board into the inside of the window frame.
17. Step 10
Line up all your cords along one side of the roman shade and cut them at the length of the window frame. Thread the ends through a cord drop and knot the ends together. Pull the cord drop over the knot to conceal it.

I've been preparing to make a mock roman shade for our guest room. I have the fabric and have it mostly cut out but, needed some inspiration. I had a hard time finding anything until I went to the house beautiful website. After doing a lot of poking around I eventually found pics of some darling roman shades. Some of these are a bit too fussy for my taste but, they are lovely anyway. I've included some DIY instructions as well.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Local Fashion

Well 2 of our local boys(Minnesota that is) are on this seasons 'Project Runway.' Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman and Christopher Straub are both taking the fashion world by the horns and going for it 'Project Runway' style. Ra'mon's style is my personal favorite of the two of them as of now but, more will be revealed and Christopher may just have couple of surprises up his sleeve. The image on the bottom is Ra'mon's work and the image on the top is the best image I could find of Christopher's work that was not copy righted by 'Project Runway.'